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Keep your company ahead of digital demands.

Offering a full range of managed IT services designed to make your organisation more agile, more efficient and more secure in meeting your customers’ needs.

Incorporating workplace, datacentre, networking and security solutions, our platform optimises and protects your business-critical applications 24/7, reducing the amount you spend and speeding up deployment of your computing resources.

Available as either a SaaS or a fully-managed dedicated platform, get your head in the FSI Cloud to organise your IT operations, empower your workforce and work towards your business goals.

What FSI Cloud offers your business:

Flexible Platforms

Our fully-managed FSI Cloud solutions are available globally through highly scalable computing platforms such as Azure and AWS.

Managed Hosting Solutions

Outsource your day-to-day IT responsibilities, functions and infrastructure to a secure, managed environment, with public and private options available.

Connect Your Company

Link up and oversee your company- wide applications through FSI Cloud, including software, databases, servers and networks, as well as your chosen Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS solutions.

Stay Updated

Receive prompt notifications of any issues with your applications, as well as regular trend analysis and recommendations to help you work in an agile way.

Sensible Storage

Effortlessly manage your company’s storage needs, with our tailored solutions capable of scaling up or down depending on your demands, saving you a small fortune in unnecessary hardware.

Robust & Reliable

Consistently backup essential data and archive your emails, ensuring all crucial information is protected and recoverable should you suffer any form of data loss.

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Harness FSI Cloud. Keep your company ahead of digital demands