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Digital Dashboard

Keep all KPIs in clear sight with Digital Dashboard. Observe, assess, and analyse your performance in real-time.

Harness data from both Concept Evolution and third-party platforms to better understand and accomplish team and individual goals. With Digital Dashboard, you can deliver precise, timely KPIs with reduced admin workloads and faster processes. Connect with the Customer Portal and you’ll get accessible data in an instant.

Extensive range of KPI metrics available as standard

Instantly access data that’s relevant to you. Each Digital Dashboard is pre-loaded with a control panel displaying a range of industry-standard KPI metrics.

Whether it’s asset failure rates, space utilisation, SLA compliance percentages or a live user count, this solution provides comprehensive coverage of your critical KPIs.

Different views for different users

Track each team member’s individual KPIs.

Configure your Digital Dashboards to show the most relevant data for an individual or group’s role, allowing them to immediately respond to potential problems or capitalise on available opportunities to improve their performance.

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Keep all KPIs in clear sight with Digital Dashboard