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Make the most of your shared space with our effective Facilities Booking Suite.

All rooms. Always managed.

Make double-booking a thing of the past. Our Facilities Booking Suite offers a range of tools to help maximise the use of shared space throughout your properties, from meeting rooms and training facilities to hot-desking and parking spaces, all coordinated through a straightforward, entirely customisable interface.

Efficiently manage bookings, catering, inventory, visitors and more from a single space, fully integrated with Microsoft Office Appointments. Through this unified view make recurring bookings, set permissions for who can book what, and connect to interactive room signage and in-meeting displays.

Comprehensive facilities search

It’s never been simpler to find the ideal space for your upcoming meeting.

Filter available locations by date, time, number of people, room features and more using our suite’s comprehensive facilities search function. This makes settling on a setting more manageable than ever before.

Enrich your customer booking experience

Improve customer engagement.

Have an enriched, reliable and efficient booking service, with a display available both in calendar or map view. Reduce the administrative burden on your team.

All aspects of a room booking can be managed

Our versatile Facilities Booking Suite takes care of every detail around reserving and preparing a workspace.

That could be checking visitors in and out and overseeing catering requirements, making sure you’re never embarrassed by messy meeting rooms, double bookings or AV technical failures. Automatically trigger the necessary room setup, maintenance and housekeeping before and after each booking. Facilities Booking Suite is available standalone or in conjunction with Concept Evolution and the Customer Portal solution.

Qubi: 360-degree visibility of workspace bookings

Highlight the status of hot desks and meeting rooms clearly and distinctly with Qubi

Our interactive light cubes use simple red and green LEDs to indicate whether a space is booked or not, with all information fed into Concept Evolution. Optional RFID cards or tags allow you to interactively check in, check out, extend times and book rooms, with Qubi delivering end of booking reminders, no-show cancellations and overnight scheduled power- saving to minimise running costs.

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All rooms. Always managed