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Discover flexible 360º Stock Control.

Stay well prepared and well supplied.

Gain accurate, up-to-the-minute stock information to help reduce spending and ensure your future stock requirements are planned, met and automated. Easily manage both your static and mobile stock locations to minimise asset downtime and budget with confidence. Perform stock takes and valuations quickly and painlessly.

All this and much more can be achieved through Stock Control, our flexible stock management software solution. Featuring fully automated tagging control, a range of pricing models including FIFO and Standard Pricing, works in tandem with Workplace Apps mobile solutions. Combined, these solutions offer a single reference point for your complete stock requirements and current stock levels, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Planning and Automation

Use smart data to stay well prepared and well supplied. Make accurate projections for upcoming stock requirements.

With FSI’s Stock Control module, you get a detailed snapshot of your present position quickly and accurately at the touch of a button, but you also get a powerful planning tool. By maintaining a constant state of readiness, you reduce asset downtime, keep your workforce busy, cut costs and increase operational efficiency.

Flawless functionality on the go

Taking inventory of your stock holding at a given place and time is the easy part.

Tracking changes through time and location is where things get challenging. But it’s no challenge for FSI’s integrated suite of software solutions. Using our Stock Control Module in tandem with Workforce Apps opens up a whole world of enhanced functionality, allowing you to monitor and control static and mobile stock locations remotely with ease.

Get started with Stock Control

Take control with complete visibility, tracking and management of your stock levels