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Your suite of business systems working in harmony – the complete Workflow Integration solution.

Link your business systems and get them all working from the same data source.

Imagine, not only being able to deploy FSI’s multi-award winning, next-generation Computer Aided Facilities Management system – but also having that system slot into all of your existing systems. Different products talking to each other, integrating, establishing an automated flow of information.

That’s exactly what you get when you operate Workflow Integration alongside Concept Evolution. While Concept Evolution centrally manages data and processes throughout the facility management lifecycle, Workflow Integration is the tool that reaches out to your full suite of systems and pulls all those parts together.

Joining the dots

See your business working quicker and smarter in no time, with consistent data and processes resulting from Workflow Integration’s joined-up functionality.

Put an end to isolated systems working separately from one another. Eliminate data inconsistencies. Workflow Integration is armed with ready- made connectors that plug directly into your other business systems, with all mainstream business applications catered for.

Everyone working from the same information

Make changes in one application and see them take effect across all of your systems.

Update data in one system and have it update your other systems instantaneously. Over time, picking up an app here and an app there may result in an ill-fitting patchwork of programmes that don’t truly constitute a “system.” When programmes aren’t connected, work is duplicated and inefficiency creeps in. With Workflow Integration, you establish a “single version of truth” that propagates throughout Concept Evolution, and across all your connected applications.

Get started with Workflow Integration

Link your business systems and get them all working from the same data source