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Powerful, yet simple, management of Facility Management Surveys, Audits and Inspections.

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Remove any time-consuming and wasteful paper-based compliance audits and eliminate standalone proprietary systems by bringing all of your Audit and Inspection requirements together alongside the capabilities of your Concept Evolution CAFM solution.

Evidence that your property portfolio remains compliant with a permanent record kept and maintained for all auditing activities, whilst providing assurance that your supply chain is delivering a value for money service meeting all expectations.

Be in control of your data by determining at each stage what must be captured and any rules around that data. Dynamic logic functionality allows the auditor to be swiftly and intuitively guided through each audit. When any situations are discovered that require immediate attention, AuditNow kicks your business processes into action, with complete orchestration of any necessary follow up works, actions and communications.

The easy to use drag and drop survey designer fully empowers you to define and create your own set of unique Audits, Surveys or Inspections. For immediate results simply modify one of the many standard templates provided. Capture photo's, documents, signatures, score ratings, text, numbers and much more. How many you use and how they interact? You decide!

Embrace the scheduling, planning and organisational capabilities of your Concept Evolution CAFM solution, or simply utilise your audit templates on demand, whenever you need a particular audit carried out or if a reactive situation arises.

For each service, instant report generation can reflect the balanced scoring applied to your audits, providing a clear understanding of adherence to compliance and legislative standards. Easily identifiable Dashboards provide a helicopter view of the status of your entire portfolio.

AuditNow from FSI, an MRI Software company. Ensure the quality of your data, be flexible in meeting your auditing requirements, and demonstrate the full effectiveness of your Facilities Management Operation.

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