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01/07/15 | Sally Wotton

Instruction Sets, Tasks and PPM schedules have had a number of enhancements, linked to a comprehensive Compliance Type Register.

Compliance Types can be included into the SLA Matrix, allowing for different SLA targets based on the Compliance Type.

Tasks and PPM schedules can be linked to Regulations - a register of Regulations has been added to Concept Evolution and Instruction sets.

Concept Document classification has been improved, down to Class and Sub Class levels.

Documents can be uploaded and assigned to Tasks via the Timesheets grid along with the ability to see if there are Documents associated with the Task.

Compulsory documents that are required before completing or signing off Tasks can be defined.

Target SLAs, Tasks and PPM schedules can be locked from being edited. This ensures that Tasks which must be performed in order to comply with regulations cannot be cancelled, dropped, or modified in such a way that would make them non-compliant.

Compliance Type and Regulation filters have been added to the PPM planner screen and the ability has been added to colour the planner according to the Compliance Type associated to the PPM.

The Shiftable Family PPM functionality ensures that, if the finish date of Tasks against a PPM is changed, related Shiftable Family PPMs can automatically be updated in line with the change.

Contact to arrange a demonstration of the Concept Evolution web-CAFM solution, including Compliance Tasks.