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17/08/16 | Sally Wotton

Time for the next blog from the street from Karl Broom, Senior Business Development Manager at FSI, this time focusing on: glitz and glamour.

Often it seems that software is a very glamorous industry to work in. On the other hand, FM isn't always seen as glamorous! Since I've worked in the FM sector I've never really seen this as an industry which always has its hands dirty. Don't get me wrong, there are areas where this is necessary, but what I see is almost an invisible industry, one that is extremely valuable to us all. From Joe Public to major organisations, FM ensures we are all able to get on with our lives, day-to-day.

PFM Awards finalist

It was the annual PFM Awards in November. Lucky for us we were finalists with one of our clients. It was time to dust off the dinner jacket and find that fiddly bow tie (mine was a clip-on!). The turnout was strong. Spirits were high.

We were finalists for the Partners in Retail Award, a new category which was oversubscribed with entries. Reaching the final was an achievement in its own right! Our submission was highly focused on the partnership theme: in this instance working with a world-renowned fashion house whose FM requirement spans the whole of Europe.

Change was upon both organisations for this project. The pace with which Concept Evolution had to be deployed was quick. The fashion industry is ever-changing and dynamic. Our client had not experienced CAFM software within the organisation. It was welcomed with both arms as a step-change for a European FM team who are never in one place. Through open engagement and a demonstration of being able to approach a set of dynamic requirements we had made our case to the judges. We were finalists.

Gyles beguiles

Our host for the night, Gyles Brandreth, was on great form - proving a rich source of entertainment for everyone. As I sat there listening to his very near the mark jokes I thought to myself "How does this guy even know about FM?"

Well, he did. He very passionately described the fact that, as an industry, it's teamwork which holds it all together: the ability to deliver innovative solutions to everyday problems, ensuring our workplaces (physically and digitally) are fully operational.

And the winner is…

Unfortunately we didn't win the award. A real shame, I know. But, nonetheless, as someone recently told me "One recipe for success is to never give up!"

Karl Broom is Senior Business Development Manager at FSI (FM Solutions) Limited