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The World of Software: Where The Magic Can Happen

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09/05/16 | Sally Wotton

The world of software is a world where magic can happen - yes, even in the most unglamorous of businesses - at the click of a button or, increasingly, the touch of a screen. Now, I am totally new to this blog game, but I'm not new to software, or to CAFM. I want to share the inner workings of FSI with you: how we interact within the business and also with our clients and the industry at large;
perhaps breaking down some barriers and false perceptions along the way.

Travelling up and down the UK and across mainland Europe I am fortunate enough to meet some really interesting people. I get to know them not just as clients, but acquaintances. It's one of the best things about my job. These relationships often produce insights that I hope will prove to be worth sharing here.

Client processes

a world of possibilities for CAFM

Understanding what makes a business tick - appreciating the inner mechanics - is another key aspect to my role. Working in the Facilities Management industry means CAFM software needs to function across various markets; finance, retail, contracting, healthcare, education, etc. It takes time to get your head around what influences a client's processes, but once understood it opens a door on possibilities, not just for me but for those organisations I work with.

From manual to automatic

a revelation

I was at a recent client meeting where it was discovered that, through a current manual process, two hours was being wasted throughout every working day! Without elaborating on the detail, the issue centred on obtaining a purchase order number manually from the finance team each time a chargeable, reactive fault was identified. Through the use of two ears and one mouth (in that order) the suggestion of raising a purchase order within Concept and integrating with the finance software system was voiced: "Automating this process end-to-end will save you the two hours." This was greeted with dropped jaws. The thought of saving two hours per day, brought palpable relief from the team.

Simple ideas can be springboards

And that's what software should do. It should help in all our working lives. It shouldn't be seen as a hindrance, a 'dumb database', or worse, as a master with you as its slave! It's an aid to your working day and the company you have responsibilities for. Don't limit your thinking on automation. The simple ideas are often the best, a great place to start and a springboard to the next level that will help you even further.

Let's see how this shapes up. I'm hoping that by sharing these blogs you will be able to better relate to, and improve your use of, software solutions.

Karl Broom is Senior Business Development Manager at FSI (FM Solutions) Limited