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Concept Evolution Version Release

Concept Evolution

23/08/18 | Sally Wotton

FSI release Concept Evolution version, including enhancements such as the User Self-Management Menu, Contact Statuses and the extended functionality for Associated Locations.

Concept Evolution version includes:

  • A new Self-Management Menu has been added to Concept Evolution and Concept Connect that will allow users to view and manage details about their account and linked contact details. The top menu bar of Evolution and Reach has also been re-designed to free up more space on the page and organise the options. The existing self-management menu that has previously only been available in Concept Reach now has the same new options.
  • Contacts can now have statuses making it much easier for clients to manage their contact directory. Contacts can be moved to History which will remove them from selection in all operational areas without affecting data integrity. Additional statuses can be configured to give full control of the exact status of contacts, for example, parental leave, sabbatical, long-term sick etc.
  • It is now possible for administrators to use Queries to control the options shown to users in the various fields and dropdowns that list names in the Contact Manager. This feature can be used to filter out any unwanted contacts or to enforce selection of contacts based on attributes of the Account that is logged on.
  • The filtering login for the Reporter field in various pages and widgets has been enhanced so that it includes Contacts that are linked to the selected Location or the Buildings visible to the current user via the Associated Locations feature as well as those that have a Contact Location that matches the selected location or a Building that is visible to the user.

Contact for more information regarding the full content of Concept Evolution version