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New Calendar Features in Concept Evolution

Concept Evolution

30/07/15 | Sally Wotton

Concept Evolution version includes the following new Calendar features:

Calendar Templates and complex calendar generation:

Calendar Templates can be created to hold a complex calendar pattern. When using a Calendar Template, it is possible to generate calendars based on the template over a specified date range. This can start at any point in the Calendar Template to create long complex calendars for use in the SLA Matrix, and for assigning to Resources to be shown in the Resource planner.

Colour value added to Calendar Session:

Colour values can be added to a calendar session. Colours are used to display available time sections, in that colour, on the Resource Planner, according to the calendar associated to the Resource.

Additional functionality in includes:

  • Addition of a new preference affecting the behaviour of the Recurring Booking Selector within Concept Evolution: this preference allows multiple locations to be selected for the same booking time slot when using the Recurring Booking Selector.
  • A "Select All" checkbox has been added to the PPM Planner to allow for quick and easy selection of all PPMs when adjusting them on the PPM Planner.
  • Additional SLA time spans for Calendar Days (CD), Calendar Weeks (CW), Calendar Months (CM) and Calendar Years (CY).
  • Two installable versions of Outlook Plugin: one on a per-machine basis and one on a per-user basis.

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