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PPM Updates Included in Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

16/06/16 | Sally Wotton

FSI release Concept Evolution version, including updates to the PPM solution.

Auto Issue PPM enhancements:

  • Addition of a user interface, allowing for the setting up and automatic issuing of PPMs based upon the frequency associated with the PPM
  • PPM auto issue templates can be added to the system and assigned to Contracts, allowing for different Contracts to have PPMs automatically issued with their own set period
  • Individual PPMs can be excluded from automatically issuing or can be set to automatically issue, separate to the template applied to the Contract
  • A report to assist users when creating PPM issue templates, to indicate PPM frequencies for PPMS which exist for that Contract but which would not be picked up by the current Auto Issue template which is currently assigned to that Contract
  • PPMs can now be configured to be issued with a preferred Reported time value

  • PPMs issuing can now be invoked via a web service call (by passing in Contract Id or Contract Group Id along with the number of Weeks ahead value)

Instruction Set enhancements:

  • Instruction Sets can have a State of Active, Suspended or History
  • Addition of a user controlled version field to Instruction Sets
  • Instruction Sets can be defined as being available for use with PPMs
  • Default frequencies can be set against Instruction Sets
  • Addition of PPM and Scheduled Task Template subnavigation menus direct from the Instruction Set input panel, for easily viewing which PPMs and Scheduled Task Templates are using any particular Instruction Set

PPM Status enhancements:

  • Instruction Sets can have a State of Active, Suspended or History
  • Associated PPMs are automatically moved to a Historic or Suspended State when Assets are changed to Historic or Suspended