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Concept User Group, Friday 31st March 2017 - City, University of London


05/10/16 | Sally Wotton

FSI invite Concept Users to the next User Group meeting, details as follows:

  • Friday 31st March 2017 - 09:45am-2:30pm
  • City, University of London, University Building, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

Topics will include:

  • Introduction from Gavin Whybra (User Group Chair) and Reid Cunningham (User Group Deputy Chair), including:
    • CUDOS meetings - feedback from January FSI GO meeting, plus forthcomin CUDOS metings to be hosted by Nomura and BAM
  • Roadmap update and what's new in Concept Evolution, including:
    • FSI GO features in Concept Evolution
    • PPM enhancements
    • Coming next: classifications, COBie import and BIM viewer
    • The future: Digital Object Identifiers
  • What's new in FSI GO, including:
    • Standard Tasks Activity update
    • Adhoc Tasks
  • Concept Advantage: an introduction to our first apps - designed to extend the scope and capability of Concept Evolution

Plus the popular Breakout Sessions, for your continued input in to the development of our products for the future.

User Group Mission Statement

The mission of the Concept User Group is to facilitate the free flow of user knowledge and experience of the system in order for FSI to enable the development of the technology to ensure that it meets the needs of clients now and in the future.