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Concept Evolution

Discover Concept Evolution – the new core of your FM operations

Discover the new core of your FM operations

Connect and control your entire facility through one wholly integrated ecosystem, Concept Evolution.

The central hub for managing every aspect of your organisation, Concept Evolution’s future-proofed software brings teams, data and processes together in one simple-to-use solution, improving how you direct the FM functions at the core of your company.

Utilise this total CAFM/IWMS solution for end-to-end insight over your operations, from the end user to the engineer and back again, completely branded to match your business. From complete asset management and maintenance planning to smart, clear analytics through customisable dashboards, Concept Evolution streamlines your workload, optimises your resources and enhances your reporting.

Enabling you to manage more with less effort

Gain complete control of your day-to-day with comprehensive task management.

Becoming the hub of your operations, Concept Evolution’s Help Desk, PPM planner and more allows you to schedule tasks and take reactive actions across an easy-to-use 52-week calendar. Log, assign and track tasks across your workforce with full task auditability, making job management far more straightforward.

Reap the benefits of automation across your facilities

Automatically assign jobs and resources to your team through Concept Evolution’s automated PPM options. Customise your CAFM/IWMS software around your automation requirements, from basic actions to complex integrations. From alerting staff that a job has been logged or completed, to automating stock orders, bookings and report generation, Concept Evolution makes life easier through automation.

Guarantee the quality of the asset data in your system

Use Concept Evolution’s intelligent Asset Register to track the key information about your various assets and resources. Adhere to industry standards or set your own classifications to define your asset groupings into a clear, coordinated hierarchical structure. Track the lifespan, condition, costs and more of your assets, enhancing their long-term performance and supporting your asset replacement plans.

Minimise costs with complete oversight of your budgets

Concept Evolution keeps control of your costs, ensuring your structure is as efficient as possible. Track historic costs, labour loads and regime planning through your analytics to spur meaningful cost savings, and optimise your team’s workload to avoid unnecessary spend.

Plus, follow your budgets against actual spend to confirm this is always at a healthy state, making sure every invoice out of the door is as maximised as it could be.

Import data directly from Excel to Evolution

Create new import templates using the data requirements set up in your platform, and validate the data entered with just one click. Directly import new data and pre-existing data from Microsoft Excel into Concept Evolution using the Import Utility function to ensure your information is up-to-date, with all sheets saved and stored in the Document Repository to be reused at any time.

Achieve complete compliance with GDPR

Ensure the personal data you hold is secure and managed across all Concept Evolution and all other FSI applications.

We are committed to helping you meet your GDPR obligations, and have developed a dedicated toolkit to manage data retention in line with your policies. Define rules for retaining and processing personal data, manage user requests, automate deletion of data and significantly more with our toolkit, completely compatible for those with older versions of Concept Evolution.

Concept Evolution: helping you plan, manage and maintain your facilities across all industry sectors

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