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Live View.

Map your estate. Make fast, accurate decisions.

Data drives businesses forward, but it can be tough to keep it under control. Place the burden of directing this information with Live View’s impressively clear graphical display. Empower your team to react to your data and take action that will improve performance now and in the future.

Whether you manage a global portfolio, a single building or anything in-between, keep on top of your estate’s live performance data and make fast, accurate decisions through Live View’s clear, customisable display.

Drill down on information to improve your operations

Get a well-defined view of the headline information relevant to your estate across tasks, bookings, assets or stock, and drill down deeper to gain the detail you require to make informed, pivotal decisions, all accessible from a variety of touchpoints.

Set the thresholds to track critical issues

Set the parameters for peak performance across your estate using Live View’s easy-to-understand filtration system.

Configure this to act like traffic lights around your estate, giving you instant alerts of any potential problems. This means you can immediately react and resolve critical issues before they can cause further lasting damage.

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Map your estate. Make fast, accurate decisions