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What is CAFM?


07/06/18 | Sally Wotton

Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software is one of the most efficient ways of controlling and monitoring all of your business' facility tasks in one place. CAFM software has been available for over 20 years and as such has been developed to meet the ever-changing technological requirements along with changes in business practices. As many of today's Facilities Managers find that they are often solely responsible for a wide range of business operational tasks, from health and safety to scheduling employees, CAFM is a convenient and efficient way of managing all of their responsibilities in a simple, single system.

An Evolving Software

CAFM software originated from the late 1980s, when computer technology was first being introduced into offices on a massive scale. The original CAFM systems were simple compared to today's advanced software, but fulfilled the Facilities Manager's need to track and maintain a number of core facility tasks such as strategic planning and emergency management.

During the last two decades, CAFM software has evolved to enable more flexibility and ease of use, making today's software more relevant to individual needs and covering a wider range of facility tasks.

How CAFM Will Help Your Business

Whether your business has a dedicated Facilities Manager or if your facility management is carried out by a number of staff, CAFM software will help to make the running of your company's facilities more efficient, cost-effective and simple to do. CAFM software can cover a range of tasks from simple core responsibilities carried out by a single person on one computer to advanced multi-tasks that a number of employees, all using different computers, will need to access.

As well as this, modern technology requirements mean that CAFM software no longer needs to be accessed solely by a computer but instead can be accessed through a number of devices including tablets and mobiles. This allows flexibility of use and enables employees to monitor and amend their facility responsibilities even when they are not in the office.

A major benefit to using CAFM software is that it allows you to track and monitor your facility tasks. This means that it makes it easier to update legal tasks, such as health and safety issues; alternatively, it also makes it easier to monitor staff and maintenance issues, helping to make the facilities management department run more smoothly. Being able to track and monitor all aspects of your facility management responsibilities using a single software also makes it easier when compiling reports and updating members of the board about the general processes of the business.

The Importance of Security

Keeping all data secure is of paramount importance for the majority of businesses today and safeguarding your facilities management information is no different. Most CAFM software systems now view security as being just as important as ensuring that the software is easy and efficient to use. This means that no matter where you are accessing your CAFM software from you can be confident in the knowledge that your confidential data will be secure and protected by high-security measures.