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ECH Case Study - Aged Care Australia

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15/02/19 | Sally Wotton

Since 1964, the vision of ECH "To enhance the quality of life of the ageing" has guided their growth as a not-for-profit, charitable organisation to become one of the largest integrated providers of retirement accommodation and aged care services in South Australia.

ECH enables older people to enhance their independence and enrich their lives. Through independent living units, residential care centres and community services, ECH seeks to provide innovative and practical services to enable older people to stay involved with their community and engaged in activities which they value.

Concept Evolution is utilised to manage the full gambit of Property and Facility related responsibilities including asset management, helpdesk, resident Self Service portals, contactor portals and SLA management, compliance etc. Concept Evolution is interfaced with three incumbent business systems and FSI GO will be deployed as the mobility solution to manage tasks and track asset movements out in the field.

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