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20/11/18 | Sally Wotton

Concept Evolution Version includes Live View.

Available as a Reach Widget, Live View is a graphical display of Tasks, Bookings, Assets and Stock data, overlaid onto Floor Plan images.

Live View can be accessed easily from multiple points - a display screen in the Help Desk call centre, for example, or the organisation's home page.

Live View can be customised to suit the needs of FM providers, contractors and clients.

At set intervals, Live View will cycle through configurable zones, queries and summaries to display information on the image.

Information is displayed as:

  • Zones - shapes can be drawn to link parts of floor plans, drawings or schematics to locations
  • Queries - for selecting which entities are being counted
  • Summaries - aggregates of system numeric data linked with colours for each zone shape
  • A constant or 'ticker-tape' style KPI display can be configured at the top of the widget