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Abatement Mechanism Module for Concept Evolution Version

Concept Evolution

20/10/17 | Sally Wotton

The Concept Evolution PPP Abatement Mechanism System Module builds on the existing functionality Concept offers by way of SLA Calendar sessions, but adds significant breadth and depth to meet a myriad of client-specific requirements, reducing the need for bespoke development and allowing easier adjustments going forward.

As no two payment mechanisms are the same, the PayMech Module brings the flexibility required to bridge the gap between configuration and results. Using a combination of core and client-specific workflow, client-defined reports and configuration of intuitive core configuration elements to produce penalty outputs for PPP Payment Mechanism contracts.


New Configuration options including:

  • Annual & monthly service payments
  • Availability, Temporary Accommodation and PMS Priorities
  • Service Level Specifications and Volume Adjustments
  • Core Values for entity-level session cost & weighting values
  • Concept Evolution Query enhancements

Results tables including:

  • Costs by Core Session
  • Clear differentiation between Failure Events and Quality Failures
  • Cost capping
  • Batch Errors/Audits (With visibility in Evolution)

Web Service methods for generating results, such as:

  • Get Tasks based on a Batch Query for processing
  • Automatically generate Core Sessions for a Task or entire Batch
  • Get appropriate Core Value by search date
  • Update failed Core Sessions/Tasks with appropriate deductions and failure points
  • Ratchet mechanism for increasing/reducing costs for Tasks or Core Sessions

Enhancements to Concept Evolution as part of the PayMech Development

  • Addition of new web service methods (APIs) to allow client-specific workflows to be written to facilitate client-specific Abatement/Payment Mechanism calculations
  • Instruction Set Groups, for grouping together related Instruction Sets, which have also been added to the SLA Matrix (Core System)
  • Building Hierarchy improvements: Area (Group of Locations) and Area Type, which have also been added to the SLA Matrix (Core System)

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