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The Combined Power of a Multi-Purpose FM Platform & Single-Purpose Complementary Apps

Concept Evolution | Workforce Apps

12/03/21 | Rebecca Drewett

Explore the value that both an all-encompassing, multi-purpose CAFM/IWMS platform, and focused, streamlined single-purpose FM apps, offer in making your company smarter, stronger and infinitely more efficient.

It’s a debate that has persisted for decades in the wider technology landscape:

What is better: a single comprehensive, multi-purpose platform, or multiple specialist, single-purpose apps?

Frankly, we believe there is no debate to be had. That is because the most effective solution is a system that utilises both – a universal, multi-function platform enhanced by the use of a range of specific, single-purpose applications.

At FSI we have always endeavoured to provide both an all-encompassing, sophisticated platform that meets the needs of modern FM professionals (Concept Evolution) and a collection of single-purpose FM apps that feed into the central system of Concept, designed to get entire workforces engaged with the quality of the facilities they occupy every day.

Here, we discuss both approaches and the combined power they offer in enabling your organisation to run at peak efficiency and provide the most welcoming environment for employees, tenants and visitors.

Everything in One Place – Concept Evolution

When developed correctly, a powerful, multi-purpose CAFM solution can be a game-changer to how organisations operate, and Concept Evolution is a primary example of this in action.

Concept Evolution is the ultimate building management solution, giving users worldwide end-to-end insight into their operations. Within this all-encompassing yet intuitive platform, FM professionals are empowered to take control of their portfolios like never before.

Systems such as this demonstrate the very best that a multi-purpose FM platform can offer, combining a range of modules that overcomes the pressures on today’s teams, while in no way allowing this to become overcomplicated or muddled for users. Through its intuitive interface, Concept Evolution can give organisations complete control over:

Facilities Management

Integrate, connect and manage all property, assets, people and costs across your facilities, all within one digital ecosystem. Gain complete control over your assets, strengthen the capabilities of your engineers and become infinitely agile.

Workplace Concerns

Have total visibility over your workplace and help it become as efficient as possible, whether that is organising space, managing moves and company-wide restructures, and establishing a welcoming environment for staff, tenants and visitors.


Oversee and control the people and processes that keep your facilities at peak performance. Extend asset lifecycles, maximise efficiencies and manage both your in-house engineers and subcontractors with complete ease.

Property Matters

Track vital information relating to rents, rates, leases, utilities and more to drive the most value out of your property portfolio. Align the performance of your buildings with your distinct business strategy with all the data you need at your disposal.

Meetings & Reservations

Make arranging rooms, desks and workspaces seamless and straightforward for your team. Eliminate double-bookings and overcrowded spaces once and for all with enhanced room booking modules.

Energy & Sustainability

Cut down your carbon emissions and achieve optimal energy efficiency across your facilities. By closely monitoring and managing your energy consumption levels, you can make significant savings moving forward and improve your environmental credentials.

Smart Building Integration

With more and more data being generated within today’s workplaces through smart devices, multi-purpose CAFM solutions can capture this information so it can be used to enhance performance and create a more sustainable environment.

BI & Analytics

Enable your business to make better, data-driven decisions with powerful BI dashboards. Identify potential cost savings, inefficiencies and risks within your organisation, and present these through customisable, engaging reports.

This is the value that a well-structured, comprehensive multi-purpose CAFM solution like Concept Evolution can offer your organisation – complete ownership over the processes that power and protect your facilities.

Total Engagement, Total Ease – Workplace Apps

However, there is unquestionably a lot of value in FM apps that are crafted to fulfil one important purpose.

While there are incredible benefits to having everything in one place, the multiple layers of multi-purpose platforms can present a barrier for prospective users. For FM professionals interacting and harnessing this technology at all times, this isn’t as much of an issue – but they aren’t the only people who can contribute to the effective running of an organisation.

In fact, that’s the motivator behind our own range of single-purpose FM apps: to dissolve the boundaries that have made “facilities management” the exclusive domain of FM managers, maintenance engineers and IT specialists. To make it more accessible to people at every level of understanding, so everyone can play a part in getting the most out of their workplace.

As a natural extension of our Concept Evolution platform, our ever-growing collection of Workplace Apps puts power directly into the hands of those at the receiving end of the facilities management process, in a format that is second nature to them – smartphone apps.

By presenting these modules in a social, interactive format, these apps engage and secure the buy-in of employees, tenants and more who, although not experts in FM, can play a big role in making their environment as efficient, comfortable and productive as possible:

Our Info

Keep the people that use your building in the know with key details and the latest updates. Create company-wide notices for instant information sharing, upload policy documents, building maps and more directly downloadable from the app, and share contacts via quick email/call capabilities.

Our Say

Engage with your customers, empowering them to play their part in key decisions in how the building functions, via feedback and voting. Configure voting periods, votes per user, images, and suggestions, receive real-time voting results, and manage upcoming ideas to vote on.

Our Events

Keep your customers up-to-date with events happening in their facility. Create events that users can instantly respond to with quick action buttons, link event responses to your calendar, and upload maps of the event locations.


Transform your customers’ helpdesk experience and seamlessly connect it to your facilities operation with this social conversation app. Filter views via specific buildings to only show jobs in a specific location, ‘me too’ posts to avoid duplications and logging of multiple jobs, and receive instant updates from the helpdesk in the comments section.

Visitor App

Register, book and track visitors with ease. Identify special instructions for their visit such as dietary requirements, receive notifications when visitors arrive, and create visits for specific buildings using building information from Concept Evolution.

Book It

Empower your workforce to organise their own bookings and find the best option to meet their requirements. Harness options for selecting a date and time, select a room, desk or bookable space for your needs, and manage financials and inventory requirements through this app.

Our Classified

Benefit from our ‘classifieds’ community app. Advertise items for sale or wanted items across to fellow employees or residents, with the ability to add multiple images, list contact information, and filter and search results.

Transform Your World with Multi & Single-Purpose FM Apps

There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to prioritising a collection of single-purpose FM apps or a unified, centralised multi-purpose platform. As noted earlier, it entirely depends on your needs as an organisation, and which approach you believe will best engage your teams.

Regardless of your approach, FSI has empowered companies across the globe to unlock the full potential of their facilities and workforces. To take productivity levels to new heights. To minimise operational costs. To create welcoming environments for all employees and visitors.

Both through Concept Evolution, our all-purpose CAFM/IWMS system that oversees and manages every aspect of your facilities, and our focused Workplace Apps that encourage your entire workforce to make your portfolio as successful as they can be, we are dedicated to produce technology to support a smarter, more sophisticated world.

Contact us to discuss our range of FM software solutions.