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Concept Evolution: 8 Success Stories You Need To Hear

Concept Evolution

04/06/21 | Rebecca Drewett

Concept Evolution has transformed the way companies worldwide approach facilities management. Discover exactly how in the following collection of success stories.

The functions, responsibilities and expectations on FM teams worldwide have grown substantially over time. With more to manage than ever before, and the ever-pressing need to maximise the efficiency and performance of your facilities, CAFM/IWMS software is now a vital ally for these professionals.

Concept Evolution is the ultimate example of this crucial technology. Developed over 30+ years – and perfected with the transforming FM industry – Concept Evolution has been the foundation for smarter business operations, empowered workforces and streamlined management.

Today, hundreds of organisations globally are benefitting from the total control and end-to-end insight that Concept Evolution delivers. But how exactly have their experiences been revolutionised?

Below, we highlight 8 companies that took their approach to FM to another level through Concept Evolution, so you can see whether your team could reap similar rewards…

1. Skanska

A centralised approach to FM services

Their problem:

Skanska is a leader in Private Finance Initiative (PFI) / Public-Private Partnership (PPP) schemes for healthcare, education, defence, transportation and more across the UK. In 2010, the company’s expansion and winning of several new contracts encouraged them to reflect on their existing approach to delivering FM services for their clients.

They found that their current approach was too disparate, using different software for different clients, including our Concept platform on a number of contracts. In order to streamline their operations and meet the tight timescales of new work – potentially two or three weeks from agreement to mobilisation – Skanska sought to switch to a single solution

“We wanted to build a centralised help desk and design an asset register model that could be replicated in new contracts or serve as a prototype for clients contracting services out to us but managing their own system procurement – so we can help them to set it up. And we wanted a system that we could recommend as a platform of choice whenever we bid for a new contract.” – Austin Denton, Senior Implementation Manager, Skanska’s Facilities Services Division (2012-2018)

Our solution:

Investing in Concept Evolution introduced a wide range of benefits to Skanska’s FM teams:

  • Senior executives received a clear, comprehensive understanding of performance across all contracts through the intuitive Digital Dashboard

  • Streamlined and standardised their approach to asset data capture and mobilisation of this into PPM schedules

  • Provided a complete picture to engineers about their upcoming tasks

  • Potential to bolt on new modules depending on the needs of each individual contract

  • Concept’s strong reputation in the UK raised the profile of their FM services and increased the attractiveness of their offering

“Implementing Concept Evolution has been a step-change in the way we manage the business. It has given us internal credibility and this has helped raise the profile of the facilities services division within Skanska.” – Bob Philbrook, Transition Manager, Skanska (2010-2011)

Read Skanska’s full case study here.

2. London City Airport

Taking facilities management to new heights

Their problem:

Viewed as London’s gateway for both inbound and outbound travellers, carrying nearly 3 million passengers per year, London City Airport requires a streamlined, robust FM service to maintain their strong reputation in their industry.

With so many visitors using the facilities on a daily basis, speed and structure were fundamental requirements for their organisation. They were keen to manage all FM tasks in one platform, generate clear, relevant reports in a paperless format, and provide engineers with total visibility of tasks and improve accountability for their completion.

“Our strategy is increasingly to limit the paperwork, and we are going down the purely electronic route, so that engineers will receive jobs directly on their PDAs. That means making greater use of the Workflow module, as well as SLA and Concept Reports. The goal is to enable direct, transparent communications with the person who reports the fault. Any member of staff should be able to phone for help, and be notified that an engineer will be sent as a result.” – Martin David, FM Consultant, London City Airport

Our solution:

Implemented in just 1.5 months, Concept Evolution has delivered significant benefits for the team at London City Airport:

  • Clear indications of how their engineers’ time is weighted across the year for more reactive maintenance management

  • Tightened control over meeting their statutory requirements

  • The capacity to track purchases, and generate a just-in-time schedule, all properly categorised to ensure no wasted supplies

  • Transitioned their PPM reports from covering two reams of paper to being entirely paperless, all custom-designed for their needs

In addition, FSI’s strong partnerships with our customers meant London City Airport’s team was always up-to-date with the latest updates to Concept Evolution, so they can continue to maximise its positive influence on their operations.

“The beauty of Concept is that you get access to all the modules immediately, at the touch of an activation key. The whole Concept platform is so nicely integrated – and most importantly for us, it’s easy to generate reports within each module.”

Read London City Airport’s full case study here.

3. Enova

Staying on top of the market

Their problem:

Managing in excess of 300 contracts over seven countries within the MENA region across a wide range of sectors, including public, residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare, Enova required a CAFM/IWMS solution with the capacity and flexibility to ensure their services remained at the peak of their industry.

Having already enjoyed success with our previous Concept 500 platform, Enova made the decision to migrate to our updated Concept Evolution platform in 2014, due to our alignment with their core business and our local presence to support future developments.

Our solution:

The migration to Concept Evolution and our mobile FSI GO workforce apps added a comforting layer of control and reporting to all of Enova’s activities:

  • It gives them scalability by allowing for thousands of users to be integrated

  • It allows them to customise their workflows and reports in accordance with their needs

  • It enables the alignment of IT standards for integration

  • It delivers full visibility of their service delivery and engineer activities

“An effective CAFM system is crucial for efficiency and reliability in the FM industry. Our extensive use of Evolution allows Enova to stay on the top of the market and to keep on track for all new requirements.” – Francisco Ramalheira, Business Development & Marketing Director, Enova

Read Enova’s full case study here.

4. Dexterra

A future crafted by CAFM

Their problem:

With 90 years’ experience in 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces – managing and maintaining over 50 million square feet of space for clients in defense & security, healthcare, education, retail, social housing and beyond – Dexterra are true leaders in the delivery of fully integrated FM solutions, driven by the technology they harness throughout their sites.

For one of their standout contracts, The Forensics Services & Coroner’s Complex in Toronto, Dexterra required a CAFM platform that ensures that every square foot of this crucial building was functioning as expected at all times, and to minimise the risk of any significant penalties if SLAs were not met.

“Without a good CAFM, there is no way you can keep a handle on the number of calls coming in or the number of PPMs that needs to be completed, and under a P3 any failure to manage these means you’re going to be paying out more money.” – Craig Francis, Facility General Manager, Dexterra

Our solution:

Concept Evolution has been at the heart of practically everything that the complex needs to operate day-to-day. This includes:

“By partnering with FSI Canada and growing this relationship over time, we have been able to extract more and more out of Concept than when we first started. I don’t see it going anywhere – every single site we’ve acquired uses Concept, even legacy sites where we’ve been able to integrate their existing systems into Concept.”

Read Dexterra’s full case study here.

5. Wales Millennium Centre

Understanding how assets should be prioritised

Their problem:

Prior to introducing Concept Evolution, the Wales Millennium Centre was reliant on a basic helpdesk and IT system to run PPM and reactive tasks. While this was functional, it didn’t meet the criteria for their ambitious 50-year asset strategy. They wanted to know exactly how assets were performing and what their expected lifecycle was.

To meet their core requirements of cost, IT functionality, ease of use, support and forming true relationships, Concept Evolution was selected from a crowd of potential providers as the ideal fit to enhance their understanding of their on-site assets.

“We had to ensure the system and processes would be credible and robust. We’d never tested the market. All we knew was that we didn’t need a multi-site system. And as we whittled the possibilities down, we concluded that while all CAFM systems can essentially do the same basic things, what mattered to us was the degree to which we would be supported by the supplier.” – Tony Jay, Deputy Director, Venue Operations, Wales Millennium Centre (2007-2017)

Our solution:

The introduction of Concept Evolution unlocked several game-changing benefits for the small FM team at the Wales Millennium Centre:

  • Thorough understanding of the life costs of assets across their facilities to develop more effective asset management strategies

  • The ability to create instant reports of the FM costs attributable to all seven arts organisations that occupy the centre

  • Capacity to ensure compliance with SFG20 maintenance schedules

  • Significant improvements in their customer satisfaction surveys

“Our relationship with FSI can be viewed as positive and proactive. We attend Concept user group meetings and tune into FM seminars, both of which add value to our business. Work continues between us as routine, to refine and extend our use of the system. And where there have been teething problems, FSI has always worked effectively to solve them.”

Read Wales Millennium Centre’s full case study here.

6. Universal FM

A truly end-to-end CAFM solution

Their problem:

After initially acquiring a CAFM solution that was not fit-for-purpose and consistently being overlooked for more manual, time-intensive spreadsheets, the team at Universal FM was keen to introduce a new platform that would support their growth in the industry.

Having first encountered Concept Evolution at a roadshow demonstration, their FM professionals could immediately see its potential to meet the requirements of their clients and their commitment to being at the cutting-edge of their sector.

“What we found is that when you go out and try to sell yourself to clients, the first thing they ask is what system do you use. With Concept, everything is so much better, so much more organised, and we feel comfortable with it.” – John Gerschwitz, General Manager, Universal FM

Our solution:

Following the implementation of Concept Evolution, Universal FM benefits from a number of modules that have streamlined how they manage tasks and PPMs, how they track completed jobs and invoices, and how they report these back to clients:

“The FSI team has been exceptional. They’ve really supported us – any concerns we can give them a call, and they present us with options based on their understanding. They’ve held our hand all the way through. Now that more members of our team understand the system better, they’re like a dog with a bone.”

Read Universal FM’s full case study here.

7. Amart Furniture

Exceptional FM services across a vast area

Their problem:

Amart Furniture’s reputation as one of Australia’s most prominent furniture, bedding and outdoor retailers, with stores in 69 locations nationwide, placed a lot of responsibility onto their FM teams throughout the country to continue to maintain their premises to the satisfaction of their customers.

The scalability of Concept Evolution was a big factor in their decision of CAFM software, and it has helped their organisation in managing over 100 sites, covering all assets and their relationships with 30 contractors.

Our solution:

Alongside our core Concept Evolution platform, which has enabled Amart Furniture to manage tasks, track asset data, organise maintenance work and automate their FM duties like never before, they also benefit from several additional modules:

  • Customer Portal allows their staff and customers to immediately log maintenance requests, so high-priority works are swiftly handled

  • A customised version of our Quotation Management module effectively manages the flow of quotes and invoices from their partnered subcontractors

  • Helpdesk Administration allows them to capably handle the wide range of request calls they receive on a daily basis

  • Their Digital Dashboard offers a visual representation of all their KPIs, ensuring that their targets are consistently being met

“If we ever have a problem or question, FSI responds within minutes. Nothing is too hard for them, and they are always willing to assist and work with your ideas to make the system suitable for your individual needs.” – Hayley Voigt, Facilities Coordinator, Amart Furniture

Read Amart Furniture’s full case study here.

8. Joss Group

A seamless solution across all contracts

Their problem:

One of regional Australia’s premier building contractors with over 45 years experience, Joss Group sought out a CAFM solution that would meet the strict requirements and KPIs of three contracts for a single client. This solution needed to:

  • Be a scalable solution that could accommodate expected increases in the volume of inbound maintenance requests

  • Integrate with the Principal's system through published web services, APIs, flat files, and real-time data transfers

  • Have the ability to collect and present metadata

  • Provide a reliable platform to support Contact Centre operations 24/7/365

Concept Evolution proved to be a perfect fit for their needs and, subsequently, Joss Group adopted our platform for all maintenance contracts, meaning it’s present in over 12,000 properties and nearly 600 FSI mobile devices out in the field.

Our solution:

Access to Concept Evolution has allowed Joss Group to consistently meet contractual requirements and assisted in making their systems more reliable, enhancing their reputation as one of the top contractors in the field for this type of work:

  • Asset Manager allows them to store accurate data for thousands of assets

  • Automated raising of PPM tasks is a significant time-saver for their operations

  • They can seamlessly perform reliable site audits across all their contracts

  • FSI GO’s ability to capture work offline and upload it once connectivity is restored was a huge benefit for their engineers

Concept Evolution’s ability to capture, disseminate and provide in-depth information for complex contracts has both raised the bar for future contracts and laid the groundwork for their team to take challenges in stride in a highly competitive environment.

Read Joss Groups’ full case study here.

Discover The New Core of Your FM Operations

Have these success stories inspired you to look deeper into the ultimate solution for total building management? Concept Evolution empowers you to connect and control your entire portfolio through one wholly integrated ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive task management allows you to schedule tasks and take reactive actions year-round

  • Automatically assign jobs and resources to your team through automated PPM options

  • Define your asset groupings into a coordinated hierarchical structure and track their performance in real-time

  • Ensure compliance with your industry or contract requirements, as well as GDPR

  • Follow historic costs, labour loads and regime planning through your analytics to spur meaningful cost savings

For more information on how you can benefit from Concept Evolution, contact our helpful team or arrange your personal demo.