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23/08/16 | Sally Wotton

Building Information Modelling (BIM), is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of architecture for buildings, locations and assets.

Building information models gathered become a vital knowledge and resource tool to assist decision making for the complete lifecycle of buildings and facilities, from the early conception and planning stage, to the design and construction phase, through their working life, and finally to any eventual demolition phase.

FSI understands the need to be engaged in shaping the way that this technology is developing in order to optimise the benefit to the FM industry. FSI is involved in the UK in BIM steering groups and BIM forums that are helping to develop the ISO standards for the future and are actively working on a project in partnership with Autodesk and BAM. FSI can apply their expertise and consultancy skills to assist with the development of your BIMprotocol and strategy.

FSI has developed an integration platform to feed BIM data directly into Concept Evolution. Once BIM data is collected, including the structure, systems and equipment, the information is transferred into Concept Evolution. A standard set of nodes in FSI's Workflow solution enable the automation of business processes in Concept Evolution, as well as interfacing Concept Evolution with other business systems. This immediate transfer of building information from the construction team to the Facilities Management team provides significant business efficiencies.

The BIM integration with Concept Evolution provides detailed asset information for accurate maintenance and replacement regimes, whilst the 3D modelling assists with space and move management as well as proposed modifications. Manual procedures are fully automated to improve efficiency and drive processes.