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Concept Evolution: Latest Version 1.6 Released

Concept Evolution

23/06/17 | Sally Wotton

The latest version of Concept Evolution fully web-enabled CAFM from FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, version 1.6, has been released.

New Functionality

Integrated Services Module (ISM)

Functionality includes:

  • Rapid Entry Helpdesk, for speedy data entry.
  • Resource Management screen, enabling the quick assignment of tasks to available resources via
  • Task Scheduling, to accommodate portering tasks as well as any non-Hard FM tasks including cleaning and security. Users are able to create Scheduled Tasks, by minute, hour, day, for security rounds and cleaning schedules etc.
  • Additional fields against Helpdesk tasks for Soft Services, including "to" and "from" for location, as opposed to just a single location.
  • Return Route Task for generating a new task based on an existing one, but with the "to" and "from" locations swapped.
  • New grid to manage radios and assign them to resources.
  • New SLA times panel providing instant visual feedback on progress towards calculated SLA deadlines.
  • New ISM Task Grid for assigning tasks to resources by drag-and-drop.
  • New ISM Resource Grid for monitoring and controlling which resources are on and off duty.
  • New Scheduled Task functionality allows for the creation of repeating tasks based on a template.

Contact for more information regarding Concept Evolution 1.6.