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Digital Dashboard from FSI: Keeping You in the Driving Seat

Concept Evolution

19/11/18 | Sally Wotton

Digital Dashboard from FSI provides a real-time, easy-to-understand graphical representation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined and tailored according to your requirements.

Not only does Digital Dashboard draw data from existing Concept sources, but its power also lies in its integration with third-party operational data sources of choice. Users are given immediate access to highly relevant metrics to measure asset performance and key business metrics at a glance, allowing for a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to facilities and maintenance management.

A single access point for information management, Digital Dashboard is the ideal management tool. Digital Dashboard integrates with Concept Report Writer, to provide drill-down functionality.

Digital Dashboard reduces administration time, by allowing you to produce and deploy data-driven dashboards and KPIs to your precise audience. These dashboards can be further customised by individuals, to display the information most relevant to their role. Users are able to respond quickly to potential problems or opportunities, and to accomplish specific facilities and infrastructure management goals, thanks to having real-time information at a glance.

Digital Dashboard from FSI is delivered with an initial suite of more than 40 industry standard KPIs, allowing you to select those most relevant to your role. These include:

  • Number of incomplete/outstanding/open helpdesk calls
  • Top 10 assets with the highest failure rates
  • Failure analysis KPI's, including mean time between failures and mean time between repairs
  • % of compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by contract
  • Room and space utilisation
  • Actual V's committed purchase order spend
  • Trend V's current for tasks logged per day
  • Average time to resolve calls by discipline