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Looking to the future of FM…What does 2020 look like?

Facilities Management

05/03/20 | Rebecca Drewett

The CAFM/IWMS market has grown in-line with the facilities management market over the last few years. Contracts are becoming less black and white, and delivery is much higher than it’s ever been before. What was once focused on PPM and helpdesk deliverables is now much more sophisticated, with innovative solutions needed to meet FMs’ growing customer needs and expectations. Sharon Greaves, Programme Delivery Manager, brings us her latest blog on the future of FM.

With this shift so prominent, this could mark the start of an exciting time for the facilities management market. Here, we’ve identified 5 trends we expect to see for 2020.

1. More integrated workplace management systems

As the FM remit becomes broader, so does ensuring a fit-for-purpose system is in place to cope with this increased demand. Incorporating a wider range of integrations through a CAFM/IWMS system or additional bespoke modules can help businesses have a birdseye view and more end-to-end control over their portfolio.

2. Harnessing collective data to make predictions

We’ve all heard of big data, but how can FMs and contractors use what they collate to influence not only right now, but way into the future? Identifying patterns and trends within large amounts of data can help predict and prevent issues. For example, if we know that a specific set of pipes have frozen for the past 5 years consecutively, there’s a wider issue to be addressed. More informed analytics will help companies to be more proactive.

3. A shift from on-site to cloud-based

The last year has seen many clients make the switch from on-premise CAFM software to our hosted solution. We expect this trend to grow into 2020 as businesses realise the benefits of having a complete solution delivered by their trusted partner. It gives them peace of mind and allows us to provide a secure managed environment for their FM provisions.

4. The rise of co-working

Managed workspaces and co-working presents new challenges for FMs and the next year should see the industry become more accustomed to these environments.

5. Multigenerational workplaces

While each person is an individual, broadly speaking, each generation has different motivations and priorities in the workplace. As people continue to work for longer and multi-generation workforces increase, we expect larger companies to explore how to boost performance and end-user experiences within the workplace through FM.

The future of FM looks bright and as the world continues to progress, FSI will be there to grow our solutions to connect people, places, buildings and data. As we celebrate our 30th birthday, we’re excited about what the future holds.