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Six Benefits of Having Facilities Management Software

Facilities Management

04/01/19 | Sally Wotton

For business owners of any size, a facilities management system is a fantastic way to streamline all the demanding daily tasks into one piece of software that will help organise your schedule. Facilities management software allows you to sort your finances, monitor utility consumption, manage bookings, large spaces and more.

Paperless Management Means No Task Left Behind

Facilities Management Software allows you to manage multiple tasks and workflows without the requirement of maintaining paper records. Paper-based records can quickly become a mammoth task to handle, and with multiple tasks and assets to schedule and monitor, it can become an impossible demand to maintain. An online system can become a much safer way of organising your tasks, with the ability to back up your information and save it all in one centralised location.

Environmentally Friendly

As part of their environmental CSR strategies, many companies are being careful in their use of paper based materials, and shifting facilities management into a computer-aided system will allow businesses to significantly reduce their usage of paper in the workplace and lower their carbon footprint.

Improve Your Productivity

Operational Managers can drastically improve their productivity with an all-in-one facilities management system. By managing an entire business facility in one place, tasks can be assigned throughout the management staff and be monitored from a strategic level.

An all-in-one system will eliminate the need to gather data from multiple sources and allow businesses to manage multiple channels and workflows, improving productivity across a large organisation.

Better Security For Your Business

Facilities Management Software allows you to track departments and spaces across your facility and assign data to staff members to track who has rights of access across the building. It is essential to record this information for your organisation, and with an FM system you can record it in a safe, secure and centralised location. You will also then be able to set access privileges within the software so only certain users can see and edit the data.

Monitor Inventory and Improve Budget Management

Facilities Management Software will allow your management team to monitor inventory, recording:

  • Age
  • Life Expectancy
  • Warranty Information
  • Building Managers
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Cost Data

Across large buildings and organisations, managing inventory is an essential task which done properly can allow budget managers to make informed decisions overspend. Managing inventory doesn't just stop at physical assets either, Operational Managers can track business utilities usage and analyse energy consumption, giving you key insights into spend.

Improve Compliancy

When maintaining and monitoring facilities across large spaces for big organisations and companies, there are sometimes hundreds of items of inventory that need to remain compliant with standards and match health and safety standards. Facilities Management Software will enable facilities and operational managers in organisations to keep better track of compliancy standards and ensure they are constantly met and periodically reviewed.

At FSI we provide a wide range of Computer-Aided Facilities Management software, ensuring that you are able to find the right product for your business needs. For more information look through our products or contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements.