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Using Workplace Management Software to Create Positive User Experiences

Facilities Management

09/07/21 | Rebecca Drewett

Discover how incorporating workplace management software in your organisation can make a massive difference to the overall happiness, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. This is more than just a saying that looks good on a motivational poster – it is a provable fact:

  • Workers are believed to be 13% more productive when they are happy (Oxford University)

  • Companies with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable (Gallup)

  • Companies with happy, engaged employees experience 50% fewer workplace accidents and 37% less absences (Good)

  • Disengaged employees can cost businesses up to $550 billion a year due to lost productivity (Gallup)

The steps that you can take to make their experience at work as positive, enjoyable and straightforward as possible are going to pay dividends over time, as your team’s boosted morale will translate into better performances and inspire innovation.

While little gestures like “Dress Down Fridays” and pool tables in the break room will make a dent, introducing effective workplace management software can lead to consistent improvements to your employees’ day-to-day that will make a lasting difference to their happiness and wellbeing.

Here we’ll outline exactly how this software can bring big benefits across your organisation.

What is workplace management software?

Falling under the umbrella of facilities management, workplace management software hones in on the physical environment that your team operates in every day.

The objective of this solution is to optimise your working environment so it is providing the ideal conditions for your workforce. It covers everything from the layout of your rooms and the space availability across your buildings, to scheduling individual seat assignments and confirming your workers have their daily activities easily accessible to them.

Fundamentally, this software is at the heart of ensuring that your buildings are agile and flexible in meeting the needs of your team, while functioning within your budgets. And when working optimally, this creates an ideal balance of exceptional efficiency and an overall positive atmosphere for your team to work in.

But how can workplace management software specifically create and support positive experiences for your employees?

Enhanced space and move management

First, workplace management software plays a key role in optimising the environment that your teams work in day-to-day. Workspaces that are overcrowded, disorganised or poorly structured can quickly make life more difficult for your team, whether that is obstructing their paths to desks and printers, or extending the time it takes for them to reach certain areas.

By enabling you to gather spatial data from across your facilities, your workplace management software can offer clear insight into ways you can optimise your building layouts to create the most streamlined, easy-to-manage environment possible.

Not only can this significantly boost the cost-efficiency of your building, identifying opportunities to make better use of the available space across your facilities, but this can also greatly improve the experience for your workers.

By using your software to optimise the position of furniture, cubicles, equipment and other office components to their most suitable location, it makes your building more accessible and easy to navigate for your team. That enables them to be more productive, and will feel more reassured knowing their workspace is organised for their benefit.

Straightforward room and desk booking

Another way that workplace management software can make your employees’ lives more organised and streamlined is by improving their ability to book rooms, desks and other workspaces in accordance with their requirements.

Particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been transitioning their traditional office layouts into coworking spaces and incorporating techniques such as hot-desking to accommodate more remote working. Workplace management software supports this by giving your workers the power to organise their own workspace for when they are in the office, rather than hurriedly try to set things up and find somewhere to work when they arrive.

This increased flexibility over where your employees can work will likely benefit both their overall wellbeing and morale. Plus, it means they can start their jobs faster, and be more relaxed about coming into the office by knowing exactly where they are going to be working and where all their necessary equipment is.

Empowering workplace applications

An engaged, connected workforce is one that is also more likely to be satisfied and productive throughout the day. With this in mind, straightforward workplace applications can help your employees take control of the quality of their environment and reassure them that their workspace is looking out for their wellbeing.

Using apps is second nature for today’s generations of business people. Therefore, by incorporating these as part of your workplace management software, you can encourage your teams to directly influence and contribute to the cleanliness, comfortability and overall success of your facilities.

This helps create positive experiences for your team, not just by ensuring that any problems or concerns can be immediately signposted, identified and fixed in a short window of time. Also, these solutions empower employees to fine-tune their working environment to meet their needs. This makes their time at work more encouraging and enjoyable, which will inspire better morale and, consequently, better performances.

At FSI, our array of single-purpose workplace applications include several solutions designed to create more cooperative, productive and beneficial workspace atmospheres:

  • Direct two-way communication of issues to your FM team via ChatLog

  • Create open ideas and put them to a company-wide vote with Our Say

  • Make critical resources easily accessible and share crucial notifications through Our Info

  • Empower your workforce to organise their own bookings with BookIt

Fully integrated project management

Staying on top of workplace projects – budgets, approvals, timelines, deliverables – can add a great deal of strain to your workers involved with guiding them to a successful outcome. Simplifying this process will not only ensure that every milestone is met and profitability is preserved, but that the whole experience for your teams is much more seamless.

A user-friendly project management solution as part of your overarching workplace management software can reassure all involved in the project that every aspect is being completed according to schedule, and that costs are being kept under control each step of the way.

Whether it is streamlining and centralising all project tasks into one single, easy-to-digest global view, or automatically identifying and mitigating any hazards that could hurt the profitability of your project, this software makes the journey from point A to point B much simpler for all involved.

As a result, your employees can approach projects with more confidence and composure than they otherwise would have. This reduces the potential of headaches and other stresses, so your teams enjoy a more positive, fruitful experience.

Making a difference with workplace management software

The happiness of employees is something that is rightly being prioritised more and more by businesses and FM teams worldwide. Making this a core focus in your company not only improves your prospects of having a productive, engaged workforce, but that these workers will stay with you for the long haul.

There is no question that when workplaces are running smoothly, employees are more comfortable, relaxed and in control. And, this in turn greatly enhances their potential to work at their most efficient and productive, delivering better results for your company.

Workplace management software gives you and your team total control over your working environments, ensuring that they provide the most welcoming atmosphere for everyone, as well as elevating both the efficiency and user-friendliness of your workspace from a cost perspective. Simply put, this software fine-tunes your facilities to maximise employee happiness.

If you’d like to learn more about how FSI approaches this crucial software as part of our all-encompassing building management solution, Concept Evolution, get in touch with our team today.