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Smart Buildings

Harness your properties’
data output. Discover
smart buildings software
that takes you further

Capitalise on all available data to enhance property performance

Harness the immense data output from the systems that run your buildings and stream it into one complete CAFM/ IWMS software solution.

Capture data across your facilities with versatile sensors that allow you to track, control and manage their performance quickly and seamlessly. Use this data to discover limitless opportunities for reducing operating costs, innovating your workplace and providing a more sustainable, positive environment for your team.

Optimise your buildings for a richly improved experience

From real-time monitoring of alarms and runtime hours, to ensuring seamless communication between our solutions and critical 3rd party software, use our globally-recognised Smart Building solutions to take your properties to the next level.

Secure and maximise big data to boost your property value

Reap the benefits of data-rich IoT applications to increase the intelligence and value of your portfolio.

Utilise the power of IoT and big data analytics with timely performance reports, ensuring vastly improved monitoring and interaction for your assets, workforce and range of properties.