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Concept Reports

Concept Reports is used to create effective and powerful reports.

Users can interrogate their database to create user-defined reports for management purposes.

Target Audience

This two-day course is ideally suited for Concept users who have a basic understanding of relational databases and the Concept system. The course will focus on the basic skills needed to create a variety of functional, user-friendly reports.

Course Content

  • Understanding Databases
  • Finding Information Sources in Concept
  • Creating Basic Reports
  • Formatting Reports
  • Creating Multi-table Reports
  • Grouping & Sorting Data

Relevant queries to be answered throughout the course.

  • Filtering Information
  • Adding Formulas & Summaries
  • Defining & Using Parameters
  • Creating & Adding Subreports
  • Designing Charts
  • Creating System & User Grid Queries


Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to all candidates who have demonstrated a satisfactory level of attendance.


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