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App-based workplace services, easily delivered

Change the way employees access facilities services

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Empower employees to report issues and request services

Meet @yourService, the powerful customer engagement app that puts workplace employees at the heart of your service provision.

You’re delivering great services, but could your customer experience be improved? Employees can see updates relevant to their building, make reports and requests of their own, and scan dedicated QR, NFC or barcode codes to give accurate location data.

Eliminate messy phone call logs, email trails and outdated intranet notifications, and give employees a seamless tool to simplify employee engagement and service delivery.

Why choose @yourService for workplace engagement?

Keep employees engaged

Provide support and status updates directly through the app

Using a communication tool, teams can directly liaise with individual employees on their issues, provide wider status updates and keep them informed of bigger events, such as building-wide works or maintenance that could affect their work day.

Connect the customer, service desk and the facilities workforce

A sales tool for your team, easy engagement for employees

Employees can report issues and make requests, giving the service desk and facilities management teams all the information they need to complete tasks and fulfil services. Take customers through a simple journey to collate report data or service requests, and ensure they’re kept in-the-know every step of the way.

Prevent duplication of effort

With everyone in-the-know, issues are recognised, reported and communicated quickly

A dedicated feed allows employees to see what’s already happening around them, meaning they can follow the status updates as they go and avoid reporting something that’s already being actioned. Notifications for any reports or requests they’ve made will also be available.

@yourService Features

Workplace Feed

Employees can see all the information that’s relevant to them, stay informed with relevant updates and apply filters to find what they’re looking for.


This functionality ensures quick and easy initiation of a request, immediately identifying the asset or location via a scanning sticker.

Appointment Setting

Employees can select the date and times available for services, all accurately and continually updated by Concept Evolution.

Service Catalogues

These catalogues provide the outline of your service delivery structure and associated tasks. Design and categorise each one so that employees can easily find what they’re looking for.

Service Updates

When an employee subscribes to updates or makes a request, the service desk can interact with them to find out more details or provide updates on progress.

Custom Branding

Make employees feel part of a workplace community with a custom image banner and logo.

Payment Gateway

Offer value-added services to employees, and they can pay for it all directly in the app – food deliveries, dry cleaning, and more.


Set up and share events that are taking place within a workplace. Whether it’s essential work or important meetings, this feature helps keep everyone in the loop.

Transform workplace service engagement for the better

Put employees at the heart of their services, help them stay informed and drive customer satisfaction at every stage of the journey.