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Automotive Supplier Park


16/01/20 | Sally Wotton

South Africa has truly become the Continent's financial and industrial power house. Economic development zones such as Guateng lead the way in introducing Western business models and tailoring them to the requirements of locally-based industries. Although the smallest of nine provinces, covering only 1.4 percent of the total land area of the country, Gauteng contributes more than 38 per cent of South Africa's gross domestic product (GDP) and 60 per cent of fiscal revenue. Concept™ has proved to be a key catalyst for efficiencies at this unique business park…and is fast becoming the CAFM system of choice in Africa.


The Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) is a major economic development located just north of Pretoria, in Gauteng - the financial hub of South Africa. It concentrates component manufacturers and suppliers in one location adjacent to key OEM assembly plants – and aims to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain in an industry with exacting standards of just-in-time and just-in-sequence manufacture. The ASP is a unique pioneering concept in South Africa, and the continent of Africa, based on grouping different technologies, suppliers and service providers with automotive manufacturers in Gauteng, in order to achieve greater production efficiencies through economies of scale.

Unlike other Parks internationally – where a park is dedicated to one vehicle manufacturer and occupation in the Park is a condition of the supply contract – ASP's infrastructure development will serve vehicle manufacturers in SA and around the world through hosting various components suppliers and their products.


A key strategy for the development of ASP is to provide economies of scale from centralised services, including a fully integrated FM Help Desk. Service provider TFM's consultant
Etienne Meyer takes up the story: "The Conference Centre – a key revenue generator comprises interlinked rooms which can each be booked out at a different rate. A system needed to ensure clarity and flexibility to enable a range of permutations spanning daily, hourly and
venue charges."

In addition, TFM were tasked with increasing enquiry turn round times and providing an administrative logging system for new plant
and equipment.


Installation of Concept's room booking system, configured to load three rate variations per room, enabled ASP management to correctly bill for appropriate services and agreed rates, ensuring
there were no anomalies in cost retrieval. Call logging also enabled an increase in turnaround times and the implementation of a detailed asset register and maintenance schedules enabled management of warranties on new plant and equipment such as air conditioners, roller shutter doors, dock levelers and waterproofing.

According to Meyer the results have been impressive, with client satisfaction results "well above expectations."

System efficiencies, meanwhile, have supported the development of additional FM contracts within the park including component suppliers such as Faurecia Autoplastics and Gruppo Antolin.

Gauteng's position as a major investment and development zone spanning transport, technology, and telecommunications, as well as offering a host of benefits to companies needing a commercial base in Africa provides a showcase for the power and versatility of CAFM solutions, explains TFM.

"The versatility of ConceptTM has proved its strategic role within a range of industries and organisations. Not only in terms of PPM scheduling, but total asset management,
and that includes recording engineering items. With JIT supply chain requirements an effective and real time record is a pre-requisite for an efficient and profitable operation,"
TFM concludes.