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27/11/19 | Sally Wotton


Khadamat Facilities Management LLC delivers facilities management services to the United Arab Emirates University - the biggest and most prestigious university in the Emirates. The extensive site contains a wide range of buildings from student accommodation, to classrooms and lecture theatre teaching facilities, as well as complex scienti c and engineering laboratories.


The implementation of Concept Evolution within Doha “When we initially met FSI Middle East, we were using more than one platform to manage the facility’s operations, which had many limitations in terms of integration with other departments,” explains Ahmad AlAtrash, Operations Manager of Khadamat Facilities Management.

“Two separate software systems were being used to support the maintenance and service desk operations. As these operations were not integrated, there was no synchronisation between the received calls and issuing work orders which in turn resulted in limited functionality and reduced ef ciency. There were also many activities still being performed manually in all areas of the business such as manual updates, data entries etc. which created a lot of paperwork, and one of the key challenges was the real-time monitoring of the site’s performance due to the manual data entries.”

Due to the two separate software systems being used, Khadamat FM also required two separate annual operating costs for license renewal and service level agreements.

“We therefore decided to review a number of CAFM systems available to determine the optimal solution that will support and improve Khadamat’s operations and enable us to have better use of technology and improve our services to the customer.”

Khadamat FM considered the following key factors during the selection process:

  • Does the software offer an integrated system for facilities management and supporting services?
  • Does the software solution provide a centralised system and database?
  • Level of performance enhancement and mobility solution provision.
  • Availability of standard reports.

We underwent a comprehensive scoping exercise to meet our requirements, and ultimately we chose FSI’s Concept Evolution system as it was the best available software solution to help us standardise our FM operations within the facility,” added AlAtrash.


After a period of approximately 11 months, FSI’s Concept Evolution was successfully implemented at Khadamat in March 2017, and included a comprehensive scoping exercise, system con guration, implementation and training process.

The main challenges of the specification and implementation of Concept Evolution for Khadamat FM involved aligning the workflow configuration with the efficiency and KPI regime required by the company, as well as the implementation of the new system within the company.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of Concept Evolution so far, and we have noticed a marked improvement in many areas of managing the facility such as an improvement in the workforce efficiency, and the ability to monitor the business performance in real time.

The system also provides easy work allocation, as well as offering a single platform for all FM Provisions, integrated classroom scheduling and a mobility solution for all FM Services in the campus, hence an increase in overall productivity,” said AlAtrash.

“In terms of tangible results, we have notice a marked improvement in staff productivity and quality of work, as well as improved staff and customer satisfaction, which is very important to us in our overall service delivery.”