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18/06/19 | Sally Wotton

Operating from a network of regional offices, SPIE’s local approach harnesses global expertise and has enabled growth within key sectors including government, healthcare, education, airports and retail, nationwide. Extending their engineering excellence, SPIE UK provides a full range of multi-technical services across an ever-expanding portfolio of PFI contracts and is excelling in the utilities market having become the country’s leading and largest provider of overhead line services.

Diversifying into other markets through acquisition led to the company’s expansion in recent years and as a result the opportunity to adopt a CAFM strategy arose to facilitate the delivery of a centralised platform that would enable SPIE to steer service delivery across all of its contracts while being a driver for attracting new business.

Already deployed within SPIE UK’s Facilities Services business, FSI’s CAFM solutions have been used by certain contracts within the organisation. This has allowed a platform to build upon throughout the company and used by other business sectors.

As SPIE UK continued to expand, the business looked at the capabilities of all the CAFM packages being used, and considered how these could be adapted to support the new services that their growth was bringing into the business.

With a forward-thinking approach, SPIE believes there is always a better way; therefore a scalable platform was imperative. Concept Evolution could meet that need with its extensive capabilities; up to date modules can be incorporated. Furthermore, this electronic paperless platform would support and demonstrate SPIE’s on-going commitment to mitigating its impact on the environment, a win-win situation all in all.

The Challenge

FSI’s web-based CAFM solution appealed to SPIE, with its ability to provide one fully integrated system with widespread transparency of its facilities contracts’ activities.

Rudi Brummer, SPIE UK’s IS Business Analyst, explains: “Our key deliverables were: a single platform which would allow us to offer clients access to the status and performance of their contracts; complete mobility in relation to despatching tasks to engineers’ devices in which they can progress tasks in real time; supplier/contractor task management access allowing them to receive and complete tasks; improved management information capabilities for our clients, and enhanced internal business processes.”

The system, which was implemented and rolled out across SPIE UK, has enabled the business to review and transfer their current processes on the single platform, as well as defining its own management reports and dashboards. Furthermore, it allowed for all parties who had access to be involved in and bene t from the development of this implementation as continuous improvement of working practices could be realised.

“The deployment of FSI GO, the mobile application solution, resulted in a culture shift for everyone. Our mobile workforce experienced this first hand during the initial adoption stage of this electronic paperless platform.” says Rudi.

The Benefits

The main benefits of implementing Concept Evolution has been greater transparency for the business around statutory and PPM compliances. Having early warnings about operational issues is crucial to SPIE UK’s ability to respond to its clients’ requirements. Steve Gibbs, SPIE UK’s Facilities Services Managing Director, explains, “Our customers are much closer to us, and feel more comfortable in monitoring our performance - they can see how our services are being delivered in real time, which builds trust between the parties. Visibility of current performance allows SPIE and our customers to continually review and improve operational performance.”

As a long-time customer of FSI, SPIE’s experiences and discoveries bring value to FSI GO, while allowing the company to be more technologically efficient and responsive.

Notably, the system’s integrated capabilities – particularly with regard to the development of reports, creates a clearer picture of the company’s performance across all its contracts. Helping to streamline billing processes by amalgamating SPIE UK’s financial systems and reducing the paper trail throughout the organisation has also been advantageous. It further facilitates assessment of processes while encouraging enhanced business synergy.

The Future

FSI’s solutions have provided a platform, which is supportable, scalable and flexible.

SI’s products’ platform provided an on-going development of SPIE UK; its systems must be supportable, scalable and flexible. Steve explains, “Its scalability will support business changes as they arise, as well as our own natural growth.”

“Progression is constant. We will utilise modules as and when required and the product will undergo modifications with our business.”