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The IoT Hub.

Manage your data's journey, from sensor to employee.

Do you struggle to manage data in your workplace? Transform automated management across your facilities to smart management with our Internet of Things (IoT) Hub. Take advantage of sophisticated networking and intelligent connections to help your business work in a more cost-effective, efficient and positive way.

The IoT Hub processes information from BMS systems, sensors and applications to provide immediate alerts for FM tasks. Prioritise maintenance visits, create a comfortable working environment and much more while reducing the burden of responsibility on your team.

Save energy, improve maintenance, increase comfort

The span of the IoT offers previously unattainable benefits to your FM ecosystem.

Monitor hot desks and meeting rooms, detect leaks and control the building environment all from our intelligent IoT Hub features, resulting in significant energy savings, a stronger lifespan for your assets, and a better setting for staff and customers.

Create a positive working environment

Greatly improve your team’s day-to-day lives with the intelligent, intuitive building management offered by the IoT Hub.

From reducing Helpdesk workload with automatic task alerts, to managing a more comfortable working environment through temperature and humidity controls – give a boost to your staff’s happiness and productivity.

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Manage your data’s journey, from sensor to employee