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Your fully integrated Project Management solution. Achieve total control.

Budget, approvals, timelines, deliverables. Stay on top of the demands of any project with our effective Projects module. Manage each milestone of your project through this straightforward, single task grid interface alongside your planned and reactive tasks, ensuring you’re in control from start to finish.

Know every aspect of your project is accounted for through our fully integrated solution, from funding allocation and task scheduling to ensuring all criteria associated with a stage is met before proceeding. Plus, push out all relevant activities to your workforce when you link this solution with FSI GO.

Emphasise control and consistency from a central view

Streamline and centralise every task on a project’s journey under a single, global view.

Display all the information required to guide your project to a successful result by bringing them under Concept Evolution. Utilise the ability to group tasks together, displaying them through an interactive Gantt Chart, and exporting plans to Microsoft Project.

Preserve the profitability of every project

Costs are crucial to keep a handle on in any project.

Accurately track and record estimated and actual costs during a project to stay on top of your budget. In addition, if you encounter hazards along the way, our solution allows you to automatically identify and mitigate these, reducing the impact this has on a project’s cost and timeline.

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Your fully integrated Project Management solution