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Adaptable Workflow Automation

A workflow app that adapts to meet your exact business needs

Discover a workflow solution that’s truly ideal for your business. Not one that almost ticks all the boxes. We mean a workflow solution that is specifically adapted to meet your business needs.

If you had to design the perfect workflow app for your business, how would it look? Would it be super hands-on with the aim of capturing every detail at a personal level? Or would you prefer a quicker, simpler system with a high level of automation? By choosing Workflow Automation, you get to make those calls for yourself. The system moulds around your business, not the other way around.

Made to measure, made to grow

Effortlessly tweak the system to your needs – we’ll be on-hand to set you up and offer ongoing support to make sure we get it right.

You aren’t locked into the configuration you opt for at the outset. Your system is designed to grow with you and, with our support, it can be adapted at any time to suit your developing needs. Don’t settle for a ‘best fit’ workflow solution – use Workflow Automation from FSI and create the ideal app for now and the future.

Keep your business communicating

Allow information to flow simply and clearly. Enable group communication or one-to-one messaging.

Clean up that confusing medley of email, webmail and messenger services and centralise your comms. Publish important HR announcements, urgent health and safety notices, critical certification and more – with the peace of mind of having it all tracked and cached in one place, for definitive reference and absolute accountability.

Get started with Workflow Automation

A workflow app that adapts to meet your exact business needs