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Concept Evolution from FSI supports Aged Care facilities during COVID-19

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27/05/20 | Rebecca Drewett

Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS technology from FSI is supporting care workers and facilities in the Aged Care sector across Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When COVID-19 took hold in Australia, the Aged Care sector was quickly identified as high risk due to the demographic of residents they served. FSI Key Account Manager, Aimee Bynon-Powell, reached out to a local Aged Care Concept Evolution client with a helping hand – at that early stage no one knew how COVID-19 would play out, but through a number of workshops a solution was quickly developed for the Aged Care Provider to assist staff to quickly identify any COVID-19 related cases.

A specific set of COVID-19 Events, Hazards and Levels of Completions were created to accomplish the solution. Multiple workflows were developed so that by adding one of the 6 COVID-19 related events the system would add the COVID-19 Hazard to the Resident (Contact) as well as the Building, update the Level of Completion to the appropriate level, identify the task as COVID-19 related, send an automated email to the facility manager.

The task was also updated with a warning message so that mobile users would see the warning on their FSI GO mobile application. Once the resident is no longer COVID-19 positive or in isolation an event is added to the task and the Hazards and the warning message are removed, the COVID-19 tick box is deselected and the Level of Completion updated. A Dashboard was also developed to provide staff with an overview of all COVID-19 related cases or cleans that have been reported.

FSI Aged Care client, John, said “It was a very pleasant surprise to receive the proactive offer from FSI to build some system smarts to assist us with our COVID-19 response. We were more than happy to accept the offer and worked closely with FSI to develop the solution needed to fit our needs.

"We were most impressed with the consultation and communication throughout the process and the changes are now implemented in our production environment. As I said at the time, we really hope we don’t need to use them (no COVID-19 cases) but we are very happy to have them in place if we do!”