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FSI Reaches 25-year Milestone in Facilities Management Industry

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02/10/15 | Sally Wotton

FSI is a global-leader in CAFM software, with Headquarters in the UK, offices in Australia and Dubai, and an international partner network.

In October 2015. FSI, owner/developers of the Concept Evolution CAFM and FSI GO Workforce Mobility solutions, reaches its 25th Birthday, a milestone in the company's history

Where did FSI start?

The business operated from a small office in Buntingford, Herts, with just three employees. The first system, Concept 300, was developed in 1989 and was sold to a small handful of clients, most of whom have remained with FSI and the Concept range for the following 25 years.

The company, original named Facilities Software International, was formed by Dave Curran and Len Smith, both of whom are still with the company. As is Jeff Hilton, brought on board as a Consultant to implement systems into the industry.

From humble office beginnings (an office behind an Indian restaurant), the company now occupies a number of prime properties both in the UK and overseas.

With an engaged Board of Directors, FSI invested in further development of the product suite. In 1994 Concept was integrated to Building Management Systems and in 1995 presented to the industry its next generation product, Concept 100.

In 1997 the company expanded its business to overseas markets, whilst 1998 saw the product developed further to become the Concept 500 solution.

Business expansion and renaming of the business to FSI (FM Solutions) in 2002 allowed the business to open their first office in the Middle East. In 2006, FSI Global plc was formed, and only the 3rd Managing Director in the company's history, John Moriarty, was appointed. Former Managing Directors were Jim Mitchell and Rob Cartwright.

2006 was also the year that FSI was awarded Microsoft Gold status, and they have successfully maintained that status ever since.

The current fully web-enabled CAFM solution, Concept Evolution, was developed in 2008, and continues to pave the way for leading-edge technology for the Facilities Management industry.

FSI Global rapidly expanded, with the formation of the FSI Cloud sister company in 2009, and the opening of the FSI APAC office in 2010.

As a group, FSI Global is proud to have achieved ISO 9001 status in 2012, for quality standard, and ISO 27001 status in 2014, for information security. Both still remain.

With a "Mobile First" strategy, FSI presented to the industry the FSI GO Workforce Mobility solution. The product was launched in 2013 and continues to provide innovative Mobility capabilities to its vast user-base worldwide.

Pat Curran, Chairman of the company since 2002, says: "FSI Global plc continues to deliver industry-leading products and services to the workplace on an international scale. With our established client base and global partner programme, we strive to reach all corners of the globe to bring both Concept and importantly Mobility solutions to the core of any business."

Happy 25th Birthday and here's to the next 25 years of innovation.