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The Dawn of a Project

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23/12/16 | Sally Wotton

Time for the latest blog from the street from Karl Broom, Senior Business Development Manager at FSI, this time focusing on: the dawn of a project.

The dawn of a project, what does it entail? We have seen an array of new projects start at FSI lately, all in various guises.

One of the things I always encourage people to do is to gain a good understanding of their requirements. For a software company, we need to know how best to configure the software to meet your requirements, it's by doing this that we know what to aim for, and ultimately, to deliver a successful project.

This process normally starts with users and management, ideally the key stakeholders of the project. It's about understanding the current pain points within an organisation, how end users would like to have the software aid their day job, right through to executives whom will ultimately demand valuable output from the system.

Our Business Analysts are delivering requirement gathering exercises with clients, we understand the must haves, should haves, could haves, won't have - the traditional MoSCoW analysis which helps the definition of how the software should behave and ultimately what it will deliver to the end user.

The solution can then be created, and the implementation can then be shaped around the requirements, and the project team briefed as to how the project will be managed and delivered.

Configuration is the key, we avoid cutting code at FSI for projects, this only brings problems for everyone further down the line. By keeping on mainstream releases, this allows you to keep your system up to date with the latest version, and more importantly, take advantage of all the new features we release.

Whether you are moving from an existing system or starting from scratch - we are here to help keep your business looking forward!