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Concept Evolution Version Release

Concept Evolution

19/12/18 | Sally Wotton

FSI release Concept Evolution version, including enhancements to Stock, Contacts and Web Services.


  • Associate Identity Tags against Concept Evolution entities via the FSI GO Cleaning activity
  • Securables to control the adding / removing / updating of Stock issue items
  • Query notation possibilities added for weeks / months / years
  • Contacts linked to Buildings / Suppliers / Contracts can be opened directly from the Contract subnavigation menu grids
  • Web methods created for Task Period Generation on PMS Web Services, allowing for a StartDate parameter
  • Addition of a Tasks subnavigation grid on the Contacts Input Panel
  • Addition of a Quick Entry Helpdesk to the Tasks subnavigation menu of Contacts Input Panel, for the quick insert of Tasks on the current Contact

Contact Support for more information regarding the full content of Concept Evolution version