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Concept User Group Meeting at Wellcome Trust, 27th April 2018


09/04/18 | Sally Wotton

The next Concept User Group will be taking place at Wellcome Trust, London, on 27th April 2018

The purpose of the Concept User Group is to facilitate the free flow of user knowledge and experience of the system between users, in order for FSI to enable the development of the technology, to ensure it meets the needs of users now and in the future

Topics include:

  • Concept Evolution Update
  • FSI and GDPR
  • Mobile Apps
  • Using the Dreamscape IoT Hub - Client Case Study of a fully delivered IoT solution integrated with Concept Evolution

Smart Building Analytics: case study example

Click here to view the photos from last year's User Group Meeting at Nomura in November 2017

Concept users should email to book their place.