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Create a smart network that connects your workforce, no matter where they are.

Workforce Apps allow you to free your team to do what they do best, with your constant support and supervision.

Bespoke tools simplify admin tasks such as checking in, logging time, logging mileage, or recording expenses, while at the same time allowing you to track and assist your workforce, following remote operations in real-time.

Information feeds directly into Concept Evolution systems letting you log important information like audits, surveys, routines, security checks quickly and simply in one central database. By enabling the flow of data from remote sources directly and instantly into its rightful location on your system, you become faster and more responsive – plus everyone in your organisation will have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips when customer queries come in.

Offline doesn’t have to mean off-track

Imagine connectivity with remote workers that doesn’t fail as soon as they stray outside of network coverage.

Workforce Apps features offline capabilities, including real date & time stamping, that allows work to continue anytime, anywhere – with the central system updated automatically with the back-dated data as soon as the device is back in range.

Always in the loop

Have field-teams feedback real-time updates directly into Concept Evolution. Allow the helpdesk and the client to be fully appraised with the latest intel at all times. Capture costs and timings accurately and instantaneously. Shape the system to your specific needs on the fly – without the need to go back to the drawing board with every development intervention.

Lighten the load

Eliminate paperwork. Reduce back office admin. Concentrate on your core business. Your own Workforce App is like having an extra admin department. Real-time updates keep central data totally current while fully customisable apps automate specific admin tasks required by your business making the administration of your records and databases effortlessly accurate.

Shape apps to needs

Configure apps that are at once bespoke in their functionality and universal in their connectivity. Recognise the nuances of any given sector and create an app to meet its demands. Within healthcare, for example, you can build tailored apps for reactive services, where detailed information and swift response times are crucial – whether that’s delivering a wheelchair or life-saving blood.

Your one-stop mobile workforce solution

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Fully scalable for large organisations and smaller teams. Access real-time information and data from any device, on the go.

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