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Harness the power of your BIM data. Own the future of your buildings, facilities and assets.

Make meaningful, informed decisions that have the power to transform your building across its lifespan. Our BIM solution empowers you to take control of tomorrow and improve your building’s long-term efficiency and performance.

Leverage your project input by understanding the suitability of the BiM data for facilities management at every stage of the design and build process. Model and visualise the layout, connections and maintenance requirements of your building with greater clarity. Spot potential issues immediately and make a lasting difference to the future of your facilities.

Professional consultations with your BIM collaborators

We are happy to engage with your BIM collaborators at any stage of the process.

While contacting us early means you get immediate support with asset classification, ensuring the right data is collected for your requirements, we can also enter later in the process to get everything in order, allowing you to use this system and data to their fullest potential.

Manage your building to success with a seamless stream of data

Our solution takes all BIM data across all project document types, including COBie, wexBIM and IFC files, and provides the Facility and Asset information critical to your building’s future in Concept Evolution's straightforward CAFM format.

Integrate this vital data into one, manageable 3D model to gain a powerful oversight across the lifecycle of your buildings, facilities and assets.

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Harness the power of your BIM data