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Effortlessly keep all eyes on compliance throughout your facilities.

Company-wide compliance taken care of.

Gain total peace of mind with a comprehensive compliance type register that seamlessly links to specific Instruction Sets, Tasks and PPM schedules.

Completely unify the end-to-end process of maintenance updates, inspections and more with automated actions across your entire compliance dashboard. Create follow-up tasks, management alerts, asset replacement or decommissions and much more after compliance work has been carried out – our software can even issue certification on the job.

All the information you need in one place.

Keep everything related to your building and asset compliance in plain sight.

Regulations, permit classes, checklists and certificates can all be accessed at the touch of a few buttons. Keep due dates logged and followed-up on, create intuitive task lists featuring multiple checks. Don’t waste time creating 40 tasks for 40 fire alarm checks – track everything on one job and tick off as you go.

Stop misconduct in its tracks.

Prevent task completion or sign-off wherever there’s risk of non-compliance.

Lock target SLAs, Tasks and PPM schedules to ensure they can’t be edited, cancelled or dropped in priority. Where important certificates are required, tasks will remain live until they’re marked as having the correct documentation. Tamper-proof with complete control, the compliance tool is as smart and self-regulating as you need it to be.

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Keep all eyes on compliance, effortlessly