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Concept Reports

No need for third-party reporting tools.

Create, import and export tailored, quality reports at all levels of complexity through our simple, inbuilt Concept Reports module. Dispense with the expense and complication of third-party reporting tools and viewers. Move forward confidently with clear and complete reporting.

With a comprehensive array of over 100 report templates that can be configured to your requirements, collect the valuable data from Concept Evolution and produce digestible, sophisticated results for simple or specialised reports.

Customised reports that are true to your brand

Keep consistency across your company communications by adapting the look and feel of your reports.

Make a range of changes, including logos, fonts, colours and data layout to ensure each report reflects your company image, as well as incorporate images, headers, footers and title information where appropriate.

Send reports effortlessly through automation

Schedule automatic execution and delivery of reports via email. Set dates and times by linking Concept Reports with our powerful Workflow suite.

This could mean, for example, distributing regular performance reviews to your management team so that they land in inboxes at 5pm each Friday with no user intervention required.

Get started with Concept Reports

Cut the middle man out of report generation