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Digitise contractor management. Reduce the administrative costs of managing your supply chain.

Take control of your contractor management. Integrate with Concept Evolution and ensure you can seamlessly manage your supply chain from end-to-end.

3 Key Contractor Tools:

  • Gateway - A portal for contractors (the supply chain) to log into and view all tasks pushed through by FSI’s Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS solution.
  • Kiosk - A central hub, checkpoint and pre-qualification destination for all contractors and suppliers to sign in and out of.
  • Relay - A web-based mobile application that can be accessed on a mobile device.

Contractor Gateway

The ultimate hub to manage your contractors, tasks, resources and permits.

Have new contractors fill out all the vital compliance information and officially register to become part of your supply chain. View and request missing contractor permits and health & safety information, as well as assign tasks directly to compliant individuals.

Contractor Kiosk

A physical start and endpoint for your contractors to sign into. Provide information needed on risks, compliance and permits before releasing tasks.

Our dedicated web platform is designed for use on a fixed terminal or tablet within your facilities. Request that contractors sign in and out, and put measures in place to ensure the building manager signs off completed works.

Contractor Relay

Now contractors can log crucial information as they work.

Relay can be accessed from any mobile or handheld device, allowing contractors to log in, view their tasks and complete any pre-qualification checks and questionnaires. You get peace of mind, they get total clarity on what’s expected of them.

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A powerful suite of supply chain management tools