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Customer Portal.

Extend the benefits of Concept Evolution to your customers with the Concept Reach Customer Portal.

Share your valuable data quickly, accurately and cost-effectively with the people that matter most to your business – your customers. Customer Portal is an easy-to-use front-end application that allows your customers and building users to use the valuable data and functionality of Concept Evolution to carry out important tasks through your intranet or corporate internet page.

Customer Portal is fully customisable in matching your branding and what functions are available to each user. Whether users need the ability to log and review calls, book rooms or catering, or manage their visitors, this solution empowers them to handle their needs.

Reduce the burden on your helpdesk team

Enable your customers with self-service opportunities like call-logging, report publishing and visitor management through Customer Portal’s versatile and straightforward interface.

This reduces the workload of your helpdesk and support staff, allowing them to work more efficiently and be more productive day-to-day.

Increase customer satisfaction with tailored options

Give your customers a voice.

Give them a direct line to facilities management via Customer Portal. By connecting them with Concept Evolution directly, you give them an active, engaged role in your location’s FM. This improves their relationship with your brand, and makes management of your facilities more straightforward.

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Extend the benefits of Concept Evolution to your customers