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The absolute Property & Estates Management solution.

Full control within your built environment.

Access a comprehensive range of property-related data to significantly enhance the management of your estate. Monitor, track and analyse potential revenue and performance across your portfolio to impact decisions that benefit your properties now and in the future.

By logging up-to-date information on properties, rents, rates and leases, our Property & Estates Management Solution lets you accurately track and compare information across buildings to achieve optimal performance. Harness this data to ensure you never miss property breaks, renewals and other important deadlines across your portfolio.

Gain total visibility of your property portfolio

Fully-integrated with your Concept Evolution system, achieve complete insight into the data that drives your property portfolio.

From operational performance to financial figures, contain this information in a single, easy-to-manage space, helping enhance how your property functions day-to-day.

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Full property control within your built environment