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Maintain your assets with Regime Manager.

You define the rules.

Outline and define the connections between your asset classifications and the maintenance activities needed to keep them running at their most efficient throughout your facilities.

Working in tandem with your Asset Classifications solution, Regime Manager lets you establish the rules for how to correctly maintain assets across your portfolio. Generate the maintenance plan for your entire asset register swiftly and effectively, clearly linking each asset to their requirements to ensure work is only done when necessary, so you can operate more efficiently. Set realistic first service dates based on stored information, such as last known major service, asset installation date and even the opening date of your facility.

Automate the administration behind your building maintenance

Remove the excessive admin traditionally involved in mobilising maintenance tasks across your facilities.

With all asset data held in your Concept Evolution platform, pre-define when maintenance is required for each asset and automatically send alerts to relevant members of staff. Realise effective asset management and care with Regime Manager.

Get started with Regime Manager

Define the rules for maintaining your assets