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Store your SFG20 data in Concept Evolution. Stay Compliant. Save time.

Keep the critical information from your SFG20 solution always at hand as part of your Concept Evolution system, supporting your ability to perform compliant, cost-effective maintenance across your facilities.

SFG20 sets the standard for planned and preventative maintenance in buildings, providing a comprehensive, up-to-date web-based library of building maintenance specifications. Integrating this valuable information into your Concept Evolution system creates clear PPM Instruction Sets in accordance with these industry-leading standards. Schedule and track tasks, follow the necessary legislation and save time, money and energy while keeping your facilities in top condition.

Make building maintenance much simpler

Utilise the information from your XML files and SFG20 solution within Concept Evolution to prompt consistent maintenance throughout your facilities.

Complete one-off data imports and system mobilisations, perform repeat imports to stay informed of SFG20’s latest standard and create specialist task schedules for your team, all fully integrated with FSI GO’s workforce mobility solution.

Get started with SFG20

Store your SFG20 data in Concept Evolution